The Andreas Mehler Consulting Group – AMCG for short – is a consulting and sales group specialized in the FMCG industry, which has successfully established itself on the market in recent years thanks to the many years of experience of its owner, Andreas Mehler and his partners.

Consolidated in the AMCG we bundle high sales, consulting and communication competence, which stands for new impulses, individual sales solutions and strategy developments, as well as temporary management support. Many years of experience, our special knowledge of the needs of the FMCG industry and the goal of leading your business to success make us your competent and reliable partner.


Interim Management
• Project Management
• Management Board
• Sales Management
• Key Account Management
• Field Force

Consulting for Sales Projects
• Strategy Development
• Sales Efficiency
• Perfect Store
• Sales Audits
• Coaching and Training Measures


One of Europe’s leading consultants concerning pricing and value management for FMCG companies.

• Strategic Coaching
• Value Management
• Sales and Channel Management
• Organisational Change Management


Your partner for the successful establishment of your products in the food retail, cash & carry and bulk sectors as well as for your individual sales solutions.

Leasing Sales Force
Exclusive Sales Force
Multi-brand Distribution

with a focus on:
• Sales
• Sales Food Retail/C&C/Bulk Consumers/Out of Home: Field Force / Key Account Management / POS Marketing / Promotion / Tele-Sales


More than just a communication agency, but a partner for business development. With ideas that sell.

• Brand and Strategy Consulting
• Corporate Design
• Communication Concepts
• Print Design and Packaging
• Online und Social Media


The German Institute for Service Quality and DUP UNTERNEHMER magazine have honoured the United Sales Company with the German Excellence Award 2024. Under the motto “Digital, innovative, creative”, the award honours companies that stand for outstanding digital solutions and services and provide new impetus in the economy. We would like to thank the high-calibre jury and award patron Brigitte Zypries (former Federal Minister of Economics) for this recognition and are very delighted.


INT We support - Gold

“Team Rynkeby – hohes C” is a European charity cycling team that undertakes an annual bike ride to Paris to raise money for seriously ill children and their families. Founded in 2002, today 2,400 enthusiastic cyclists from eight countries are already pedalling for a good cause. The sponsorship money collected by “Team Rynkeby – hohes C” benefits the German Children’s Cancer Aid. In 2020, Team Rynkeby donated EUR 8.79 million to organisations that help seriously ill children. Of this, EUR 152,749 went to the German Childhood Cancer Foundation in Germany.

The AMCG Group supports this commitment and is proud to be a gold sponsor of this year’s “Team Rynkeby – hohes C”.


Following the TOP SME Employer awards in 2021/2022 and 2023, three further awards were presented at the end of 2023.

“Employer of the Future”, “Top Service” and “Fairness First” are the awards of the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization. We are delighted to receive these awards, which we value as confirmation of our daily work in terms of digitality, innovative strength, customer focus and transparency.

Thanks to the entire team and of course to the jury for making it possible for us to receive these awards.


1 x can be luck
2 x must be success
3 x is success with consistency

We are proud to have been recognized as a TOP SME Employer 2023 for the 3rd time in a row. This shows us that we are still on the right track, even in these difficult times.

THANK YOU to all evaluators!


Andreas Mehler

Managing Partner

General and project management, interim, key account and field force management

30 years of experience in sales and general management, key account management, trade marketing (among others at: Spar AG, Pfanni Werke, Bestfoods Deutschland GmbH, Unilever Deutschland GmbH, Nadler Feinkost)

Angela Bertino

Sales & Administration Managerin

Sales & Administration

15 years of experience in sales and the organisation of processes, order management, customer service and sales support


Carolin Wagner

Coach for communication and motivation

15 years experience in sales with customer contact, KAM, trade marketing, CM and Salesforce coordination.

Coach in personal development for 2 years. The right communication is the key to a successful customer relationship.

Because you make the difference.

Arne Thormählen

Managing Director IDEENQUARTIER

Agency for success-promoting communication ideas

20 years of experience in brand building and communication, consulting and design of print media, packaging design, web and social media solutions.

Edina Polei

Consulting & Coaching with power, passion and empathy

20 years of experience in business development, sales and customer management, communication management; of which 10 years in a management position: sales management, branch management, member of the executive board.

I support managers in putting their company on the road to success.

The goal:
More satisfied and engaged employees, more efficient and conflict-free cooperation and thus higher value creation.

The focus:
A good corporate culture, value-oriented leadership, appreciative communication.

Peter Mißner

Partner Strategy

Value-added and pricing strategies, marketing processes and tools
30 years of experience in sales and general management, marketing, market research (among others at: Mars, GFK, IRI, MMS Carat, Marketing Cooperation, Global Solution Europe).


“We decided to work with Andreas Mehler because we were convinced by the proposed structural approach.

Following our own successful pilot projects, we hope that Andreas Mehler will be able to build on this and develop the success of our brand in the food retail sector.”

Picture of Dr. Rüdiger Kress

Dr. Rüdiger Kress

Managing Director, ArteBene

“In a declining and highly competitive market environment such as mineral water, effectiveness and efficiency in the sales area are crucial for success. We therefore ‘treated’ ourselves to Andreas Mehler with all his experience and expertise for the process of comprehensive sales force area optimisation, including the emplacement of a new sales force manager – and benefited greatly from it! From day one, he was able to communicate with everyone involved on an equal footing. He very quickly grasped the status and individual needs of our medium-sized organisation and pointed out numerous optimisation approaches. He then supported their rapid implementation with both sensitivity and drive, including concrete best practices time and again. We didn’t need ‘rocket science’, but pragmatic, implementable impulses and approaches to successfully develop our sales organisation. This is exactly what Andreas Mehler delivered – which is why I am extremely confident that we will be able to reap the rewards of this valuable advice in the short and long term. I am looking forward to this – as well as to his continued support of our performance tracking process.”

Picture of Nadja Ohlendorf

Nadja Ohlendorf

Managing Director aquaRömer GmbH & Co. KG

“As a young company from Austria, it would have been impossible for us to enter the German food trade with our own personnel resources. Working with Mr Mehler was therefore the optimal way to take our first steps into this large and diverse market. Thanks to his efficient, pragmatic way of working and good contacts in the entire trade, we were able to sound out our potential in the German market within a short period of time and fix first actions and listings faster than expected.

We can only warmly recommend working with Mr. Mehler to any company that is considering taking the step into the German market and/or does not want to set up its own sales organisation.”

Picture of Camilo Wolff

Camilo Wolff

CEO & Founder Selectum GmbH

“2020 was a year of change for us in the sales organization. After a test phase, our sales force has been working with a CRM tool and a new customer structure since July 2020 in a much more targeted and efficient way. And what’s most important to me: the team is motivated again and has fun on the job. 

Andreas Mehler has really played a key role here and has accompanied us on this journey from the very beginning. With his expertise and experience, we were able to work out a suitable tool and an optimized customer structure after determining the location, defining the goal – what should our sales force do in the future. I was positively surprised that we were able to visit 500 more customers with the same number of employees. 

In addition to the professional side, it was also a good fit on a personal level. Andreas Mehler integrated himself very quickly and felt like he was part of the organization during the whole time and was not seen as a consultant. I think that describes Andreas Mehler as a person very well.”

Picture of Michael Ohlendorf

Michael Ohlendorf

Managing Director Privatmolkerei Bauer GmbH & Co. KG

“We are delighted to have found in United Sales Company a partner who is at home in the fresh food and delicatessen sector, who can fall back on years of experience and who enjoys the necessary acceptance of the trade. Our extensive expertise ensures that with United Sales Company and Mr. Andreas Mehler we have found a reliable partner with whom we can realise our ambitious plans in the food retail and cash & carry sectors. Our common goal is to grow over the next few years and to continue the success story of both companies.”

Picture of Jörg-Michael Zamek

Jörg-Michael Zamek

Managing Director DESIETRA GmbH

“As a young, dynamic start-up company, it was important for Pino’s, after its first successes in Austria, to find a strong partner who could support us in evaluating and increasing our potential in the German market.

In Andreas Mehler, we have found exactly the right sales partner who fits our dynamic and pragmatic corporate culture and can contribute enormous experience of the German retail landscape as well as implementation power.”

Picture of Neda Egger

Neda Egger

Managing Director Pino´s GmbH

“I value Andreas Mehler as a strategically and operationally strong partner. Andreas Mehler analyzes causes and develops tailor-made solutions. Thanks to his appreciative manner, he quickly develops a good connection with the customer team across hierarchical levels. Operationally, Andreas Mehler keeps an eye on the key objectives and does not allow himself to be distracted by resistance.

Following structural changes in sales, Andreas Mehler made a significant contribution to building a focused, powerful sales team. The project identified opportunities in the area of distribution and built up a national field team. Together with the team, Andreas Mehler implemented the relaunch of the Power System brand with changes to the product range in the retail sector.”

Picture of Dr. Annette Horváth

Dr. Annette Horváth


“From day one, our partnership with Andreas Mehler was based not only on his expertise of the German FMCG market and his brand portfolio, but above all on shared values such as commitment, trust, responsiveness and ambition to meet the bold challenge that our company had set itself. Andreas Mehler was able to accompany and guide us in all the preparatory phases of the project, both in terms of trade marketing and certain elements of commercial policy and sales management (back office). This makes Andreas Mehler a reliable partner and ambassador for the successful launch of our Marcel Senchou products!”


Picture of Nicolas Pasquet

Nicolas Pasquet

Sales Manager Groupe EpiKure - Marcel Senchou

“As a young company from Austria, it would have been impossible for us to enter the German food trade with our own personnel resources. Working with Mr Mehler was therefore the optimal way to take our first steps into this large and diverse market. Thanks to his efficient, pragmatic way of working and good contacts in the entire trade, we were able to sound out our potential in the German market within a short period of time and fix first actions and listings faster than expected.

We can only warmly recommend working with Mr. Mehler to any company that is considering taking the step into the German market and/or does not want to set up its own sales organisation.”

Giulia Friedrich


“Mr. Andreas Mehler supported us in the analysis of our market conditions in our own Schlemmermeyer stores with the aim of optimizing product ranges and structures and positioning the Schlemmermeyer brand better on the market again. Due to his excellent market knowledge, combined with his high strategic know-how, Mr. Andreas Mehler was able to optimally advise and support the management in the preparation of a national roll-out of the conversion of the store processes and procedures. We also appreciated his way of communicating and his strong will to achieve our common goal.”

Picture of Thomas Boots

Thomas Boots

Managing Director Schlemmermeyer

“In our sales organization, and particularly in the field force, 2016 was characterized by a comprehensive change process with many substantive and emotional challenges. Andreas Mehler supported us in the management of the Field Force on an interim basis for a longer period in 2016. This resulted in the following personal assessment: When he comes into the organization, his positive impact is felt within a few days. Based on his extensive experience with major sales change processes, he is able to quickly analyze the current situation and define meaningful steps. He quickly and straightforwardly finds an efficient and subsequently successful way of working together with the existing field management, both in terms of content and personally. He works in a very structured, pragmatic and focused manner. He develops conceptual accents for the medium to long-term perspective after only a few weeks. Throughout the sales organization and beyond, he quickly establishes a good reputation and is a recognized discussion partner. In the area of field force management that I can assess, I can unreservedly recommend an interim collaboration with Andreas Mehler.”

Picture of Frank Völkner

Frank Völkner

Sales Director and Member of the Executive Board, Interim Management Division, Eckes Granini Deutschland GmbH

“frifrench GmbH, based in Rämsen, in the beautiful Appenzeller Land, has set itself the goal of establishing its 100% fresh salad dressings on the German market. For this project, we have directly relied on the services of Andreas Mehler in the field and key account support by his partner company, United Sales Company GmbH, and on the support of Andreas Mehler in the consulting and development of the new business area. Our decision to go this way was characterized by the long preliminary talks, the good analytical expertise and the extremely good market knowledge of Andreas Mehler. We wanted several people with his attitudes and commitment in sales and are glad to have him on board.“

Picture of Urs Helfenstein

Urs Helfenstein

Managing Director and Owner Frifrench


“United Sales Company is an important operational and strategic partner for us. In our day-to-day business, we appreciate the professional and product-focused support of vacant sales territories. In addition, Mr. Mehler is a very competent conceptual partner for the further development and orientation of our own field sales organisation for the exploitation of potential and optimal implementation of the product and brand programmes at the POS.”

Picture of Martin Schreiber

Martin Schreiber

Managing Director Sales Germany, Vitakraft pet care GmbH & Co. KG

Global Solution Logo

“I have had the pleasure of working with Andreas Mehler for 10 years. I am inspired by his sales instinct, his perseverance, his commitment and his team spirit. He knows the FMCG business in sales like no other, because he has worked on the retail and branded goods side across all hierarchical levels up to managing director. We at Global Solutions Europe are lucky to have such an expert on board. The customers we have advised together appreciate him just as much.”


Picture of Peter Mißner

Peter Mißner

Managing Director at Global Solutions Europe
Project management - focus on price and condition management

United Sales Company Logo

“I have been working very closely with Andreas Mehler for many years and have come to appreciate him as an excellent business manager and sales expert. His professional expertise in all areas of sales management, his conceptual and communicative skills and his strong leadership qualities should be emphasized.

As a partner in the management team, I particularly appreciate his personal integrity, his respectful and trusting team spirit and his tireless drive to always drive the business forward. I can recommend him with full conviction for top positions in management, management consultancy and sales management.”


Picture of Michael Strumpen

Michael Strumpen

Managing Director at United Sales Company GmbH
Management division